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HTPC Installation.

HTPC-installationI offer a home theatre PC (HTPC) or media PC installation at your home or office.

HTPCs/media centre PCs are great for storing all your digital media in one place – saving space and making your setup look really impressive!

Why have a HTP?

Have you ever had friends round and wanted to show off your holiday photos?

Do you have problems with too many CDs and DVDs on display?

Have you ever wanted to quickly “Google” something but didn’t want to move from the living room?

A HTPC allows you to organize your entire music, movie, and photo collection into one easy-to-access place.  You can copy all your music from CD onto the HTPC and play it with a touch of a button.

Gone are the days of spending 20mins looking for a CD to find that someone hasn’t put the disc back in the case.  Once you have all your music on your HTPC you can safely pack away your music. Same thing goes for your DVD collection.

While playing one of your latest albums or listening to internet radio you might fancy looking at some of your photos – a HTPC allows you to do this very easily. You can even tell the computer to display a slide show of your photo collection while you relax on the sofa.

One of the advantages of owning a HTPC is being able to view BBC iPlayer, 4 on Demand and Demand 5 internet TV on your living room television.

For example music, films and photos can be stored on the computer and viewed from the comfort of the sofa.

I offer purchasing advice on what kit to go for, and what you will need for the install of your new HTPC installation.

I also do full installation and training.

Please contact me for more information on or 01908 521 275 – 07973842062

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